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The Breakdown: Old Habits Die Hard


The Breakdown: Old Habits Die Hard

In the CrossFit box it’s out with the old and in with the new.   It can be an exhausting but extremely rewarding job to teach people young and old to move.  Explaining why can be an even harder job.

New Tricks and Old Dogs
    Depending on how long you have been coaching you quickly realize that the less experienced lifter can be easier to coach.  The 30-40 year old male that has been going to a globo gym his whole life can prove to be difficult to teach a fully functional movement to, like the snatch.  One of the first questions I get is “why the hell are we doing this and what does it work?”. They get even more confused when I tell them it’s so I can teach them how to use their hips and that a full squat snatch works everything.  It’s not their fault, this happens because they have spent years in a globo gym doing isolated, partial movements.  It isn’t hard to develop bad habits and that’s okay because that’s where good coaching comes in.  The reason we snatch isn’t because you squat snatch objects over your head all the time in everyday life.  It’s because you need to learn to get more weight up to your shoulders than you can reverse curl.  A simple question I like to ask new clients is what’s stronger; your biceps or your hips and legs?  We know the correct answer so why not use them?  Now, the reason someone new to Crossfit can sometimes be easier to coach is that they have not developed any bad habits.  Also, most of the time their mobility is better from not lifting, because many people focus on lifting weights which shortens the muscles, not  on the stretching and mobility that should occur before and after each session.
    In this video you will see a great example of what we really do.  At first glance it just looks like crazy people putting concrete stones on their shoulders and dropping them….which is true.  BUT When broken down  we are taking an oddly shaped object and getting it to the shoulder.  An object that has no handles or places to grab, like most things in everyday life.  This atlas stone could be an injured adult, small child, bag of dog food, or kitty litter for example.  We are simply teaching you to do this task that many of us do everyday safely and efficiently.  Once we have done that, and only once we have done that we can take it to the next level and up the intensity and weight of the object.
    90% of our clients tried CrossFit for the first time at Noble and a large percent of them came from those globo gyms I was talking about.  We are happy to say we get them all moving the right way and they soon understand the same things I spoke about here.  People young and old get very intimidated when they contemplate trying CrossFit.  Now you can see when broken down what we really do.  As many of you know, we have all ages, shapes, and sizes at Noble and we have no problem accommodating to any.  To my veteran crossfitters, many of you already know this but it’s a good reminder to remember where you came from and that everyone had a first day.  Get strong, keep training…Lets Go!

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