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Noble Athletics is a family owned an operated business. We offer personal training on a group level. With an average of 10 athletes and 3-5 trainers per class, everyone gets a ton of one on one attention to ensure they are comfortable, yet challenged for the workout. Because of our abundance of trainers, we specialize in being able to scale (up or down) to anyone’s ability.

Whether we need to scale a workout because of an old injury or scale up because of an upcoming competition, we can customize your workout within the group. We love what we do and we are here to help you succeed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience or some minimum level of fitness?

No, we work with you to meet your level of fitness to ensure you are at a comfortable. There is also no such thing as “getting in shape for CrossFit”. CrossFit will get you in shape for CrossFit so start today!

I heard that CrossFit is too challenging for someone like me. Is that true?

If you think you can’t do something, you can’t. The person who told you CrossFit was too challenging for you might not be up for the challenge them self, but everyone is different. The answer to your question is a resounding “No.” One of the best things about CrossFit is that it is infinitely scalable, which means that we can tailor any movement we ask our members to do to meet your current level of fitness.Both Olympians and Grandparents can benefit from CrossFit, the only difference is the prescribed scale for the movements.

What does Scalable mean?

It means we can adapt the work out to suit you, or anyone’s, level of fitness and ability. Scaled according to your ability.

Is it true that CrossFit is only for elite athletes, firefighters, military and police?

Absolutely not. Anyone can gain from the benefits of CrossFit. It is true that CrossFit was initially designed as a fitness program for firefighters, military and police who needed to have a level of fitness to be ready for anything. This level of fitness allows them to not only be able to save their own lives, but other lives as well. Everyone can benefit from being stronger, faster and more functional.

Do I have to train every day in CrossFit?

No, we encourage you to train intensely but also to take adequate rest days from the exertions as well. It’s important to keep you healthy and allow you to push the next time to new personal bests. Over-training is something we discourage because it does not help you achieve your fitness or health goals and increases the risk of injury. We recommend a 3 days on, 1 day off approach, but really you need to listen to your body and learn when you’re just a little sore and you need to suck it up or if you can’t move.

Why are you better than my gym?

The business model for most franchised gyms is they want you to sign up and never come in. You’ll probably get a tour of the gym, or a quick overview of the equipment with a trainer, but you’re on your own after the first session. They aren’t there to ensure technique is good when the weight gets heavy or you get tired. We stand beside you from day one to teach you the proper techniques to achieve those goals you have always wanted.
In addition, you are as accountable to us as we are to you. We are here to guide you during every class – even after the clock has started. If you haven’t come in for a week, we notice. So will the members you’ve grown accustomed to working out with. Expect a call or an email, or even a friendly call out on Facebook, if you haven’t been coming in!

For the kind of money you are asking for, why don’t I just go find a Personal Trainer?

You could do that, but you’d end up paying a whole lot more. If you find someone that’s willing to train you for $60/1 hour session (typically a dollar a minute, if not more) and we’ll even say that they have every piece of equipment that you’ll find at Noble CrossFit. If you only go 3 times a week (we encourage 4+), that’s $720 per month!! Also, you probably wouldn’t get the fellowship, competitive push, and/or the support that you’ll feel working with others in a group setting. If you’re finished first, you’re still expected to support everyone else that is still working.Our coaches are well educated and truly want to see you succeed. This is not just a job to us it is honestly a passion.

I heard from my gym that CrossFit can hurt you, is this true?

Yes and no. First, consider the source, they don’t want you to leave and they’ll plant fear to further their gains. OK, so onto answering the actual issue. Anything you do in life can injure you if you don’t do it correctly, or haven’t taken into consideration your level of fitness, flexibility or health. Runner’s get shin splints, strength trainers get strains, tennis players get tennis elbows, basketball players get sprained ankles, couch potatoes get obesity, high blood pressure and coronaries. Each CrossFit is independently owned so just like you can have good doctors, and bad mechanics, you can have good and bad coaches. At Noble CrossFit we will instill Technique before Intensity. We will keep you safe by having a watchful eye on you during your entire workout. By increasing your strength and flexibility, we will actually make it harder for you to get hurt. CrossFit done properly, is both safe and effective.

What makes it so different from all the other stuff out there (park bootcamps, P90X, gyms) that tells me it will get me in shape?

Honestly, most of our functional movements aren’t ground-breaking or new. However, the way we program them and combine that with knowledgeable eyes-on coaching, mobility and nutrition advice is new. If you’re working out at home, you risk bad technique and probably not pushing yourself to your true potential. At an ordinary bootcamp, they vary exercises, but gaining real strength (bootcamp is typically body weight or very little weight) may be an issue as well as certified coaching. Gyms, may give you all the great equipment, but can you drop it if it gets too heavy? Or have the ability to gauge your intensity? Is there enough equipment available and is laid out so that you can maintain intensity safely? Is anyone talking to you about real nutrition? Our exercise programming is the most effective out there. Why do you have to wait to get in shape?

What if I can’t squat because of knee problems or some other problem?

Lots of people can’t squat properly. Generally, the knee and hip problems people have are caused by arthritis, old injuries and/or not squatting properly (for numerous reasons). So by changing the range of motion, decreasing the load, or working on mobility, we start to strengthen the proper muscles and help the client start to obtain the proper range of motion and almost without exception, this fixes the knee and hip problems. Squatting is something everyone does every day to a degree, everybody has to be able to sit in a chair and get up. We just teach you the safe and efficient way to do so.

What would you say to people who are nervous about a strenuous workout or about being coached?

If you’re not used to a strenuous workout, that’s perfectly fine. The trainers have a way of pushing you appropriately and backing off. Some people aren’t used to having a lot of stress on their body, and that’s okay. This is the kind of training allows you to continually improve your intensity. As for the trainers, their job is to make sure you get the training you need to progress, and they have years of experience with these exercises, so their suggestions are valuable. If you do the hard work of working out, you’ll be surprised how fast you progress.

What should I expect when I arrive at the gym for my first session?

Expect to have fun, meet new people and have an open mind to learn. CrossFit boxes are not your typical gym, so, expect to see plenty of open floor space and an array of equipment that you may have never used before. Don’t worry about a thing, we will walk you through everything. The hardest part is just showing up so get up and start your free week TODAY!

As a female, will I get BIG like the guys do?

No, just no. Women do not have the natural testosterone that males have. How you look after lifting heavy things depends on your genes and diet. CrossFit WILL transform your body, which typically has a side effect of looking better naked.

Will I be sore?

Most people will experience soreness, especially for the first few days. This is very normal and as your body adjusts to new activity. Once you are exercising regularly, your soreness will decrease.

I have/had an injury. Can I still do CrossFit?

Many people have successfully used CrossFit to rehab from minor injuries and surgeries. The good thing about only doing natural, functional movements properly is it usually fixes most peoples little issues right off the bat. Not to mention just getting active again. I like to remind people who say they have issues and say that’s why they are not coming in. Is it getting better on its own? No, so lets take action and do something about it and make a change in the right direction. Our trainers are happy to work with you to scale any and all movements to accommodate your injury if need be.

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